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Established in 1994, Autogrow provides intelligent hardware, software and data solutions for customers in over 40 countries from single compartment environments through to large-scale automated greenhouses.

With their team of horticulture technology experts, engineers and software designers, Autogrow is committed to creating the most innovative solutions in sustainable crop production.

project SUMMARY

UVLens is the number 1 rated sun safety app on Android and iOS. UVLens shows the danger level of ultraviolet (UV) rays throughout the day and provides personalised recommendations based on the user’s skin type.

- 500k+ worldwide users
- Featured by Apple App Store
- Editors Choice on Google Play Store‍

“Spark 64 have been outstanding to work with and we’d definitely recommend the team. They delivered what we asked for and on time!"
-Esteban Ruperti, Principal Engineer, Autogrow
The Solution
The Outcome
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