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iMonitor is NZ’s only commercially available, fully integrated food safety compliance and monitoring platform. The platform features real-time temperature monitoring and a Food Safety Plan that is based on Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) Food Control Plan regulations to enable the commercial food industry, including restaurants and supermarkets, to more easily monitor and regulate their food safety.

project SUMMARY

UVLens is the number 1 rated sun safety app on Android and iOS. UVLens shows the danger level of ultraviolet (UV) rays throughout the day and provides personalised recommendations based on the user’s skin type.

- 500k+ worldwide users
- Featured by Apple App Store
- Editors Choice on Google Play Store‍

“There are so many different ways of doing chatbots - it’s a real minefield. Spark 64 came over, listened to us and helped us identify the best platform to use.”
- Shakeel Ahmed, Food Scientist, iMonitor Ltd

iMonitor has a focus on great customer experience, and as a result has been very hands on with the onboarding process, requiring many phone calls and in person site visits.  

iMonitor needed a scalable system to support their growing customer base and assist with the onboarding process and other system support enquiries.

The Solution

To help iMonitor better serve their customers, Spark 64 integrated the helpdesk solution Intercom, which has several features that help them automate and scale their customer support capabilities. This includes a chatbot (Resolution Bot & Custom Bot), live agent assist, and also cross-channel messaging automation capabilities (Series).

The Outcome

- Decreased customer set-up processing time

- Effective and efficient communication with customer, via targeted messaging

- Without the system, iMonitor would have lost ~35 customers within the first 3 months

- Data insights collected from the chatbot platform, help iMonitor make better informed decisions regarding their customer support

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