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Peoply is a New Zealand company offering online programmes for children struggling in school, due to anxiety, lack of confidence, stress or simply learning alternatively than the norm. Designed to empower children aged 8 to 12 from  the comfort of their own home, each class is facilitated by a coach with training in youth development and leadership.

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UVLens is the number 1 rated sun safety app on Android and iOS. UVLens shows the danger level of ultraviolet (UV) rays throughout the day and provides personalised recommendations based on the user’s skin type.

- 500k+ worldwide users
- Featured by Apple App Store
- Editors Choice on Google Play Store‍

“The Spark 64 team are creative problem solvers - always striving to overcome hurdles, and are proactive in ensuring that potential risks are mitigated before they arise. They are detailed oriented and thorough in ensuring that software developments and assets delivered are consistently excellent, while also providing strategically sound technical recommendations for our business”
- Hannah Wrathall, Product Owner, Peoply
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