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TechWeek 2020 Webinar

Artificial Intelligence research is progressing at an incredible rate. Machines are about to understand images and speech better than humans - Google AI recently released a chatbot that is disarmingly human-like!

How can your business leverage some of this technology, you wonder? It’s actually a lot easier than you think.

In this session, we will explore some of the latest research that’s coming out of the top AI labs around the world, their use cases, and how your business can start applying them to increase efficiency of your internal processes or get a leg up from your competition.

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0:00 Webinar Introduction
2:33 Presentation Introduction
5:34 What is AI?
7:20 AI is Everywhere
10:55 Background of AI
14:34 Computer Vision
22:50 Natural Language Understanding
25:40 DEMO Text Summarisation Tool
33:30 DEMO UneeQ Digital Human/ParlAI Chatbot
39:18 Data
43:02 Where do you start implementing AI?
48:20 Q&A Session

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